You may have read or heard about oxygen therapy, one of the fastest-growing health trends in the nation. At Activate IV and Cryotherapy LLC, Heath Trowell, MD, and his team offer state-of-the-art oxygen therapy to men and women of all ages. If you’re curious about the benefits of oxygen therapy, come in for a quick session to see for yourself why this is such a highly sought-after treatment. Online scheduling is available, or you can call to book a visit.

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What is Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen Therapy boosts energy levels, increases endurance during exercise, helps you bounce back quicker from physical exertion, and provides relief from stress.  It also increases your concentration, helps you relax, and can ease headaches and hangovers.

Oxygen therapy seeks to supplement the oxygen you take in from normal breathing with periodic treatments in a controlled setting. Often known as oxygen “bars,” oxygen therapy is used in many settings.

Some men and women receive oxygen therapy to address a medically diagnosed oxygen deficiency. For others, oxygen therapy simply boosts the availability of this essential gas through occasional supplemental sessions.

What are the benefits of Oxygen Therapy?

To begin, it’s important that you only receive supplemental oxygen from an established practice under the supervision of a medical doctor. There are few standards governing oxygen therapy, and not all providers share the same attention to quality and health safety as the team at Activate IV and Cryotherapy LLC.

Some of the reported benefits of oxygen therapy include:

  • Stress relief
  • Hangover recovery
  • Relaxation
  • Improved concentration
  • Sleep improvements
  • Relief from headache and migraine pain
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Boost in mood

Research into the benefits of supplemental oxygen therapy is showing evidence that this approach can help many men and women enjoy numerous health and wellness benefits.

What happens during Oxygen Therapy sessions?

Activate IV and Cryotherapy LLC offers oxygen therapy as a stand-alone service or a free inclusion in monthly memberships. There’s no need for advance preparation when you come in for oxygen therapy.

The process takes just 30 minutes, and you are welcome to read, listen to music, or just relax during your visit. You’ll wear a plastic cannula in your nose, and you simply breathe normally throughout your session.

Many men and women report feeling better immediately after their sessions. For others, the benefits develop over a period of time after frequent oxygen therapy visits.

If you’d like to learn more about what oxygen therapy can do to support your health and wellness goals, come in for a session at your earliest convenience. Online scheduling makes it easy to find a time that fits your busy life, or you can always call to check appointment availability.

While we don’t offer memberships just for our Oxygen Therapy service, we do offer FREE Oxygen Therapy with many of our monthly memberships including: IV Therapy Memberships, Cryotherapy Memberships, and more.